Measures taken to protect innovation

Tan Yifan 


In response to President Xi Jinping’s remarks on developing the Qianhai area with more pragmatic and innovative reform measures, Qianhai Cooperation Zone People’s Court recently made a batch of 65 measures with the aim of protecting Qianhai & Shekou Free Trade Area’s various innovations and developing a better business environment.

Among them, “we will continue to stress equally protecting the legal rights and interests of all parties, the market rules and various innovations in the area,” said Ye Qing, vice president of the court.

“To ensure rights are fully protected, we will improve our dispute resolution system and properly use international rules and practices.” Ye said the court will continue to intensify law enforcement regarding people with poor credit and reject dishonest litigation.

It will also provide online and offline legal services, allowing the public to choose various resolution channels and providing them with convenience.

“While we are improving the services offered by the Hong Kong and Macao jury group, we are also exploring ways to build a professional technical investigation system, which will surely help us develop into a high-level professional group,” said Ye.